5 Awesome Things from ATA That Weren't Compound Bows


What else do you want to see at ATA besides compound bows?

We've discussed the best bows we saw at the Archery Trade Association Trade Show in Louisville, Kentucky, as well as some of the crazy-looking products that everyone had to check out. But what other brands show up to the show to debut new products?

The truth is, if you want to get into bowhunting, buying a bow is the easiest part. Over time, you'll end up spending far more in additional gear than you ever spent on a bow. And, many of these things could prove to be even more valuable on a hunt than the bow.

Hunters with a lot of time in the field have certain gear they pay a pretty penny for, and also keep their eyes peeled for innovative resources and new archery gear.

These five products stuck out to us at this year's ATA show.

Mission Sub-1 Crossbow


The Mission Sub-1 drew a lot of attention at the ATA Trade Show, largely due to its ability to de-cock with the push of a button. This crossbow consistently shoots 1-inch groups at 100 yards, fires a 400-grain arrow at 350 fps and boasts 80-percent let-off.

Not only does the Benchmark Fire Control feature the de-cocking button, but also a match-grade trigger and an easy-load retention arm for trouble-free loading.

Pelican 1745 Air Bow Case

The Pelican 1745 Air is the perfect bow case for air travel. This crushproof, dustproof, watertight case can withstand the roughest handling, and also features two TSA-approved locking latches. Even though it's already up to 40-percent lighter than its competition, this case still sports integrated wheels for more mobility.

Inside the case is arrow holders, a padded divider, a MOLLE strap system, accessory pouches, arrow tube straps, bungee cords and integrated tie-down points.

YETI Panga Backpack 28


Unlike many YETI products, the Panga 28 isn't a cooler. Instead, this is an outdoorsman's ultimate dry bag.

Completely submersible and constructed to handle nature's toughest elements, this bag is perfect for fly fishing in a stream, hunting in wet conditions or just storing gear on a boat.

Summit Ground Blinds

Summit Ground Blinds

Known for state-of-the-art treestands, Summit decided to debut a new line of ground blinds at ATA 2019. What likely caught everyone by surprise, though, is how awesome these blinds actually are.

First, they offer an option for everyone, as these four different models come in different sizes ranging from two- to four-person capacities. The lineup also offers a wide range of price points, as the cheapest option is only $129.99. However, for $299.99, a hunter can have every feature he or she could ever dream of in a hunting blind.

SWAT A4 Broadheads


The Model A4 isn't all that new, as SWAT came out with in a few years back. However, it's become not only the flagship product within SWAT's lineup, but also one of the more popular broadheads on the market.

This broad has the ability to inflict devastating damage, opening a 2-inch hole on impact with the first two blades, and then using two more blades to eviscerate vital organs.

There are few broadheads on the market that can rival the A4's two-blade entry and four-blade exit.