3 of the Best Social Media Follows Among Car and Truck Brands

With more auto brands opting out of traditional trade shows, the high stakes battle for social media supremacy is escalating more than ever. 

Which auto brands have the best social media game?

Here are our top three picks, based on criteria that examine overall engagement and creativity.

1. Jeep


Jeep has long been a social media champion, using different tactics such as microsites, unique hashtags, and celebrity spokespeople to get its brand across. One example is Fiat Chrysler's 2016 My Jeep Story campaign celebrating its 75th anniversary, sharing images and videos from its most passionate fans.

2. Mercedes Benz


According to the Sprinkr Business Index, Mercedes posts an average of 34 times a day with an average of 20,000 engagements each, with the percentage of video engagements hitting as high as 19 percent.

3. BMW

In a study by the Auto Insurance Center examining close to 5 million Instagram polls from 2011 to 2015, BMW was awarded the brand with the most Instagram posts in the United States, giving it a subjective best title as America's favorite car.

Brand photos regularly receive more than 300,000 likes, with the main BMW profile featuring 5000-plus posts and 16.2 million followers.