F-Series Enjoying Record Sales Year

The Ford F-Series is projected to hit record-breaking sales numbers this year, hitting a high from 2004.

From Jan. to June of this year, it has already sold 450,000-plus units, or one every 35 seconds, a 4 percent increase from Q1 and Q2 2004.

Based on projections, close to 950,000 trucks will be sold this year. The average cost for each F series was $46,751, with innovations at every turn, including a Raptor variant and a redesign of its 2017 Super Duty.

A third option, a 2015-based aluminum pickup, was widely derided in the industry for using a less durable material than the standard steel, although that risk appeared to have paid off for Ford.

"There's really nothing that's making this an easy feat," said Dave Sullivan, an AutoPacific analyst. "There's a lot of headwinds, and there's a lot of choice for consumers. I think there's a certain amount of envy everyone in the auto industry is having over the F-series' success this far into its lifecycle."

The F-Series is Ford's primary breadwinner, with enough revenue generated on its own sales to rank amongst the top 100 companies by revenue in America.