BMW M5 to Star in "Mission: Impossible"

Mission Accepted: BMW M5 to Star in "Mission: Impossible"

The BMW M5 will be making an appearance in the hit movie smash, "Mission: Impossible: Fallout." This is gonna be good!

Has anyone seen Tropic Thunder? Do you know what I'm talking about when Ben Stiller's Tom Cruise-like character is touting his sixth installment of an action series? This definitely comes to mind as the actual Tom Cruise is set to star in his sixth go-round as Ethan Hunt in the it-gets-better-with-age Mission: Impossible series. For said sixth film in the series, Cruise will be drifting around on European streets in some slick BMW M5 models from the German automaker.

In partnership with Paramount Picture as its "exclusive worldwide automotive partner" on the 6th version of the franchise, secret agent Ethan Hunt  and his team of agents will rock several BMW sedans in the movie, including the new M5, the 7 Series, and the 1985 5-Series.

Fall-ing Into Place

"We are excited to welcome BMW back as a partner on Mission: Impossible: Fallout," said Irene Trachtenberg, senior VP of Worldwide Marketing Partnerships at Paramount Pictures. "Our partnership with BMW provides a global platform to reach Mission: Impossible movie fans around the world and leverage our mutual passion for technological innovation, high octane action and compelling storytelling."

Tom Cruise in "Mission: Impossible: Fallout"

Tom Cruise in "Mission: Impossible: Fallout"

The high-performance new BMW M5 sedan specifications are more than adequate to race through city streets in search of answers, with a twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 engine delivering 600 horsepower, xDrive all-wheel-drive system, carbon ceramic brakes, and a blistering 3.2-second 0-to-60 mph time.

Look for Tom Cruise to be whipping some BMW M5 whips in Mission: Impossible: Fallout, in theaters on July 27.

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