Chainsaw Art
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25 Works of Chainsaw Art That Will Appeal to Any Outdoorsman

Who doesn't appreciate a good chainsaw wood carving?

Woodworking has always been an art form. However, only recently have chainsaw sculptures started to become more appreciated as a work of art. It certainly takes a great amount of skill for chainsaw carvers to turn an old tree stump or tree trunk into a bear cub, wolf, eagle or other animal.

We love this kind of wood sculpture! We don't know how to do chainsaw art ourselves. But that must makes us respect the skill needed for these carves even more.

We went searching on the Internet and here are 25 awesome chainsaw sculptures that any outdoorsman or woman can love an appreciate. We want some of these for that dream cabin by the lake in the mountains!

Chainsaw carved owl

This thing is gorgeous! Hard to believe it is a chainsaw carving. It is so life-like, it looks like it will get up and fly away at any moment!

Chainsaw gun dog

For the die-hard upland game bird hunter who loves their dog!

Chainsaw alligator

We can't imagine many people ask a chainsaw artist to create a life-sized alligator. Maybe more will after seeing this one. The attention to detail here is stunning!

For the veteran

Commissioning something like this might be the perfect gift for the outdoor-loving veteran in your life.

Chainsaw carved eagle

Who doesn't love a majestic eagle? The bird's shape and detailed feathers just seem to lend themselves perfectly to be carved into statues. Native Americans knew this, that's why you see them featured so frequently in totem poles.

Chainsaw hippo

Wow. That's about all we can say about this one. Talk about a one-of-a-kind sculpture!

Chainsaw carved tiger

We may not have tigers here in the United States, but the details of the fur here is amazing. And those eyes! It all makes for a stunning piece.

Chainsaw beaver

We're really digging this, especially since it looks like they did this as a support post in a cabin. Talk about adding a unique outdoor touch to your home!

Chainsaw carved bigfoot

I want this for my front yard. Now. What outdoors enthusiast wouldn't?!?

Chainsaw carved wolves

How did the carver get the detail of the fur so fine on this one? This is amazing!

Chainsaw carved bears

Bears are the most commonly carved animal by far. Why not? Nothing says outdoors or wilderness like a giant bear carved out of an old stump or log! We couldn't pick just one for this.

Chainsaw carved fox

The painted look of this one makes it stand out from the natural colors of the stump. It looks cunning and rascally, just like the real thing!

Chainsaw carved benches

There a lot of these out there, but the detail of the owl, badger and rabbit surrounded by leaves really makes this one stand out.

Chainsaw carved fish

A representation of your favorite game fish is the perfect way to accentuate a lake cabin. We especially liked this one of a paddlefish, an odd, but very cool-looking fish that eats plankton. The second one appears to be a salmon or trout.

Chainsaw carved raccoon

Some of these sculptures belong in an art gallery. These raccoons look inquisitive and mischievous. 

Chainsaw carved turtle

The attention to detail on the scales of this one is extremely impressive.

Chainsaw carved deer

We want one of these for outside our deer camp this year!

Chainsaw carved duck

Here's one for the waterfowl enthusiast. This would look great on the wall of anyone's den or man cave.

Chainsaw carved elk

Our jaws are on the floor with these.

Chainsaw carved moose

If you were impressed by those last two, this one will probably floor you even more. As impressive as the finished product is, the process of making it is just as incredible!

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