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Artist Carves Incredible Fighting Caribou with a Chainsaw


This is what happens when you give an amazing artist an idea, a chainsaw, and one massive log.

Wood carvings never cease to amaze people. Just the intricacy and attention to detail that go into most to bring a simple block of wood to life is an amazing feat. This appears even more so to those special people who can pull this off with the raw power of a chainsaw.

Artist Jordan Anderson is one of those special people. He took a 250-year-old spruce log and with the aid of his trusty chainsaw carved it into an incredible masterpiece of two caribou locking horns in an ultimate showdown.

Watch him carve it from start to finish in the video below.

This is something I believe any outdoorsmen would be proud to display on his property. The caribou just look like they could spring to life at any moment and actually go head to head.

You can see more of Jordan Anderson’s amazing work at on his YouTube channel. If you are interested in having something like this done for yourself you can contact him via email from his website at

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Artist Carves Incredible Fighting Caribou with a Chainsaw