chainsaw bench

Here’s a Hands-Free Chainsaw Bench That Makes Things Easy

Here's a DIY hands-free chainsaw bench that works just great!

While there are some safety issues with this ingenious system, the idea is sound. And, if used correctly, it can sure make short work of a pile of wood.

You can see that the chainsaw has been set into a vice using the two bolts that hold the bar to the body. The bar is held with a cinch pin at the end, including a spacer to keep the chain from hitting the metal pole.

Included in this inventive system is a spring-loaded steel rod at the tip of the bar, which when pushed upon by a piece of wood, causes the gas trigger to be depressed.

Then this happens:

This isn't the first chainsaw bench out there, but the idea is a good one. The biggest safety issue is certainly the open end of the running chain.

The safety catch on the trigger has to be held down in some way so that the remote trigger-pulling device can hit the gas.

After you get used to using one of these, you may never go back, but would you try one in the first place?

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