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You’d Be the First One to the Campsite with This Beast [VIDEO]

Be the first one to do zero-to-sixty in two seconds, haul firewood, and smoke the competition with a family camper.

This souped up camper is just what you need to make all of your camping dreams come true. This thing has four-on-the-floor, two-tone rusted side panels, and dual overhead ash trays.

Watch what this camper can do with the right driver and several bales of hay in the back.

Load up the family today and put some high-test gas in the most fun camper you have ever owned. Take this rolling dent down to your favorite campground and show off a little.

You won’t be sorry when you take this puppy for a little spin down to the lake or over to the fairgrounds to blow away your buddy’s little foreign rice grinder.

Pack the tent ahead of time and stick some smokes in your sleeve, because at 128.1 MPH in the quarter mile, you won’t have a lot of time for anything else.

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You’d Be the First One to the Campsite with This Beast [VIDEO]