white wolf
Yellowstone National Park

$10,000 Reward for the Arrest of Whoever Shot This White Wolf

A Yellowstone white wolf is dead and the authorities are willing to pay for some answers. 

If you know who shot and killed a white wolf in or around Yellowstone Park in Montana, and you are willing to say what you know, you might become $10,000 richer. Recently, the park ponied up $5,000 for any information leading to an arrest in this case. A wolf advocacy group matched that reward offer with their own $5,000. As of now, the park is not revealing what information they have already gathered or leads they are pursuing.

According to the report, some are suspecting than a person angry about the reintroduction of wolves into Yellowstone likely shot the wolf. Although making the rounds again, this poaching incident actually happened back in March when a Wyoming appeals court delisted wolves from the Endangered Species Act protection Act. 

The white wolf in the photo was the alpha female of a pack well known around Yellowstone. Many people would travel across the country just to take pictures of this animal. Seeing as it might have been a target does appear to be a likely, although no motives have yet to have been assigned.

Wolf seasons are opening up around the country where hunting a wolf is legal. Poaching is never an answer and national incidents like this only hurt hunter reputations. Hopefully this is the last we see an act like this around Yellowstone, or anywhere, for a very long time.