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10 Unexplainable Things Captured on Trail Camera

Sometimes a trail camera captures a little more than expected.

Most hunters use trail cam photos all throughout the year to track animal movements during the seasons. By the time deer season rolls around, hopefully all deer patterns are pretty buttoned down and the hunter is in a good position to bag a big one.

These cameras roll 24/7, night and day. Every now and then, a trail camera captures a picture of something that is unidentified, not just at first glance, but even after staring at it. The mind often wanders about the possibilities of what these unidentified trail cam objects could be, but maybe, just maybe, it's something that can't be explained.

Deer have red eyes?


I understand that those are other deer eyes reflecting in the night against the flash, but what about those large red eyes above them? Perhaps that stand should go to the new guy hunting the property this year.

Pac-Man Weirdness


The first thing I thought when I saw these strange lights captured on this trail cam photo was that they looked like the little ghosts from Pac-Man. What about you?

Bigfoot, is that You?


So, if this is a picture of a Bigfoot, I think he may have fallen on some hard times. What the heck else could this be? Alright, alright, it's just a bug reflecting off the infrared light that is somehow involved with the sun reflecting off Jupiter during a meteor shower or something. Obviously it's easily explainable... You can hunt that property. I'm good.

Anybody Remember The Phoenix Lights?


Back in 1997, a whole bunch of strange lights appeared over the city of Phoenix, Arizona. If you aren't familiar with that story, click here. There were many eye witnesses and no real good explanations of what the lights really were. Long story short, they looked just like this.

I'm Certain this Came from the Government


I'm all ears. What is this? More importantly, what would you do if you caught this on your camera? Would you tell anybody or just delete and act like you never saw it?

And this is What, Exactly?


You want to hear what a going theory is on this photo? This is what Bigfoot looks like dematerializing when it detects a trail cam. See, now it all makes sense.

This is Why it Should Always be Gun Season


When I first started hunting back when I was a kid, those long walks to my stand before sunrise and those long walks back to the truck after dark were often pretty terrifying. Seeing stuff like this just brings all those memories right back. Maybe I actually had a reason to be afraid!

Now this is Just Strange


I oftentimes find myself praying for deer during some very slow times throughout the season. Perhaps this is what comes along and ushers those deer in range of my bow or gun. Or, maybe this is what comes along and pushes hunters out of their treestands. What do you think?

If You Saw this, Would You Shoot it?


This one just has me stumped. It's not a great picture because it was taken in low light, but still, just what is it?

You Don't See this Everyday


This photo was taken in Kentucky. I know I don't get around much, but I'm not familiar with animals that look like this in Kentucky. Some people say it might just be house cat, some even say some sort of monkey. What do you think?


10 Unexplainable Things Captured on Trail Camera