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10 Crazy Camping Setups That Are Definitely Not Your Average RV

Is camping becoming mundane and boring?  If so, try one of these innovative ideas for your next trip.

Sometimes loading the Jeep up with all of your camping gear, unpacking at the site, setting up the same tired, old tent can be just a little...well, boring. We all need a change of pace sometimes. Don't overlook your camping home as a place to shake things up.

Here are the 10 most unusual, or at least innovative, ideas for camping. From the tried and true to the weird and new.

1. The Yurt

The yurt is a tried and true structure that has been used by native peoples for centuries. However, there is always a way to add to the comfort of home and still have the fun of yurt living.

2. Trying something new in a warm-weather igloo.

The igloo doesn't have to be made of blocks of ice. At least, not this one. There are various types of igloos you can enjoy in warmer climates. They come as inflatables, modular and everything in between.

3. Hexagonal structures are like living in geometry class.

Using recycled pallets and a few other items found in the dumpster can give you a great place to spend a few days. This would be great for beachfront sites.

4. Going green can be great living.

Living structures can take time to build, but they also can be great fun. The garden comes alive when you camp in a green structure.

5. Glamping is camping in style.

Not ready to sleep in a garden, but still want something a bit different? Maybe an elevated canvas tent with all the amenities of home is for you.

6. Urban platform camping.

Even urbanites want to get out of the house and set up a tent. One of the newest trends floating around through urban planner circles is Urban Platform Camping. This is a "I've got to see to believe" kind of idea.

7. Everyone loves a treehouse.

Treehouses have changed drastically over the years. This isn't the treehouse of your youth. These are especially popular in the western states and can go hundreds of feet in the air and make you feel like you're on Endor with the Ewoks.

8. How about a tree tent?

Maybe a treehouse is too stable for you. Try out one of these tree tents. There are tree tents for various elevations, but few offer a view like this one.

9. Still higher? How about a high-rise hammock condo?

Want to take your tree tent to a different level? How about a hammock stack for the whole family? This could even be great for hunt camp.

10. Still need more daring? Try it cliff-side.

This is a common site for most serious rock climbers. Especially if you want to climb to higher heights. You will have some of the most spectacular views ever seen, but watch that first morning step.

WARNING: This is not for sleep walkers.

Whatever your tendencies are toward camping, there is no doubt that these methods will cure you of the mundane and boring. Give them a try and invite someone else along.

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