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10 RV Picks for the Total Outdoorsmen

Here are some RV options to consider for your outdoor adventures.

Are you making more time outside one of your priorities this year? A good way to do it is with a good recreational vehicle.

So, what do you think you should buy for your adventures?

Well, we're here to help with suggestions on a variety of RVs to fit any budget from simple pop-ups to toy haulers and even super-serious, off-road, backcountry motorhomes.

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There is sure to be something on this outdoors RV list that will fit your needs and budget.

Coachmen Viking 1706 XLS

Coachmen has been a popular RV brand since 1964. Their Viking series of trailers includes pop-ups and small travel trailers. But we're putting the 1706 XLS pop-up on this list as a budget RV for couples or small families just looking to get away from it all.

Unloaded, it only weighs 1,600 pounds and is easy to pull at only 13 feet long. The floorplan features two double-sized bunks, and a dinette table gives you and your family a place to eat breakfast or dinner if the rains come and force you inside.

This pop-up also features LED lights, plenty of fans, a two-burner stove, small sink and even a small refrigerator to keep perishable goods. These start around $8,000 depending on the options you pick. It's clean, simple, and efficient.

Palomino Revolve EV 1

If you're looking for an off-grid travel trailer, the Palomino Revolve is one to consider. The EV1 is totally unique on the market because the trailer is powered completely by four 100-watt solar panels and four lithium batteries. That means you can take this trailer out into the middle of nowhere and still be able to charge your appliances. There are three different charging options and a handy info panel lets you know how much juice you have left.

The Revolve trailers save on space by incorporating a Murphy bed in the interior. This trailer also features a full bathroom and a dinette slide out to maximize use and space inside.

Unloaded, the EV1 Revolve weighs just 3,925 pounds, making it very towable. If you need slightly more space for kids, check out the EV2 or EV4, which offer the same solar features, but also bunk beds. This one is still very new and we couldn't find an MSRP on it as of yet, but we love the size and features and look forward to seeing more of this one.

Oregon Trailer DoDrop Teardrop

There are a ton of teardrop trailer options on the market today. These trailers are small, light and are built with the hardcore weekender in mind. We put the Oregon Trailer DoDrop Alpha on here because these things are made for going off road to places you wouldn't take other trailers. It's a great option for anyone into 4x4 adventures.

The DoDrop Alpha has a full-independent suspension to help tackle the toughest obstacles you can throw at it. The entire body is coated with Line-X bedliner! You can also get options for a solar-heated road shower, awnings and more. The back opens for your kitchen area with options for a stove and water system.

These trailers are some of the more expensive tear drops on the market because they're custom-ordered, but it's a made in the U.S.A. product built to take a beating on even the roughest of roads and trails.

JayCo Seismic Toy Hauler

If you have ATVs or UTVs and want something to haul them around in, but you also don't wan to entirely rough it while camping, the JayCo is a good option. They have a few different models of the fifth-wheel Seismic. The largest has an 11-foot garage that should handle even the largest of toys.

The Seismics comes loaded with two bathrooms, a queen or king-sized bed, full kitchen and a bathroom that may be nicer than what you have at home. It features a walk-in shower, and some models even come with a washer/dryer combo.

They aren't cheap; they start at around $117,000 and that's before options, but you'll have everything you need for an epic adventure with one of these 5th wheels!

Keystone Passport

Maybe you're looking for a moderately-budgeted and sized trailer, but you still want some of the frills of some more expensive trailers. Keystone's Passport series are priced in the $20,000-35,000 range, making it more affordable for the average Joe.

But these trailers have great floorplans with full bathrooms, kitchens and dinette areas. They also offer a ton of storage spaces and most models also have slide outs to make them even more spacious. Some models feature outdoor kitchens and showers. All Passport models have USB ports built in to help you keep all your cameras, phones and other electronics charged and ready for adventure.

Winnebago Revel

Most people think of the big boxy retro-looking RVs when they think of Winnebago, but they've been quietly making some cool RVs for years now. The Revel is a serious machine for the serious outdoorsman or woman. It's a 4x4 Class B made for getting off the beaten path!

The Revel sleeps three and has a kitchen, dinette with bench seat and a wet bath. All in one compact, 19-foot package. This is a great four season option, as it is insulated and features heavy-duty ABS plastic in the interior that won't get ruined by mud or scrapes. The bed lifts up to give more space for your toys.

The Revel isn't cheap. They start around $160,000. But if you wanted to go full-time out on the road, it's an option to consider.

Bruder EXP-6

This Australian-made trailer takes some of the best features of the most rugged teardrops on the market and instead incorporates them into a full-size travel trailer. This beast of a trailer has 12 inches of wheel travel, and the suspension system is designed to keep all wheels on the ground constantly. That means you can crawl over some serious terrain with this thing.

Inside, the EXP-6 is a climate-controlled environment with a queen-size bed, full bathroom with shower and plenty of storage for all your outdoor gear. One cool feature of this trailer's kitchen is that it is designed to be two-way. That means by flipping up a panel, you can access it from inside or outside with ease. You're looking at a little over $60,000 U.S. for one of these, which is a lot less than we would have expected for such a heavy-duty rig.

Coleman Lantern

Size on a budget. That's what you get with Coleman Lantern travel trailers made by Dutchmen. With a little shopping around and the right sales, you can find these travel trailers in lengths of up to 37 feet for under $30,000. Some can even be found for under $20,000 if you look hard enough.

Coleman Lantern trailers are wired with modern features like USB charging outlets, 4G LTE WiFi, and power stabilizing jacks and hitch tongues. Depending on the model, these trailers can sleep up to six people, making them perfect for small to mid-sized families that want the comforts of home at a more affordable price option.

Thor Freedom Elite

Class C motorhomes have gone up tremendously in price the last few decades, and many now cost as much as $90,000 new these days. The Thor Freedom Elite seems to be something of an exception to that as I found them on sale, going online for a little as $50,000 brand new for a 24-foot motor coach.

It seems these models don't come with any fancy slide outs many rvers are used to. They are simple and to the point. The Freedom Elite features a queen-size bed in the rear and a cab-over bunk sleeping area. It has all the usual features you'd find in larger Class C motorhomes, but at a lower price. This could be great for a cross-country tour of National Parks and trout streams across the American west.


This is a class C motorhome that's taken too many steroids! The EarthRoamers are made for serious adventure and that's obvious from just a lance. These campers are built for all four seasons and are powered by a Ford F-550 4x4 chassis. They build these things to hold nearly 100 gallons of fuel to give them nearly 1,000 miles on a single tank.

Depending on the model, EarthRoamers come fitted with an array of LED lights, backup and tow cameras, solar power and a gigantic 85-gallon water tank. The axles, bumpers and body are all heavy duty and meant for off-roading. As you might have already guessed, they aren't cheap. Each one is built to order and could cost anywhere from $280,000 to $500,000!

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