10 Products to Beautifully Memorialize Your Pet

The experience of other grieving pet owners will be your greatest resource who understand your own pain.

Pet memorial products are also a wonderful way to memorialize your beloved animal. You may choose to write an obituary like this one (that will break your heart) to put in your local paper or on social media. Or you may decide to purchase a wonderful custom pet urn, pet loss journal to fill up with photos, or chimes to help you remember that smiling face every time the wind blows.

All pet owners are unique and will deal with pet loss differently. Rituals or perfect memorials can help families and pet parents cope when they have to say good-bye.

Consider these ways to celebrate your pet after it passes:

  • A simple picture of your pet surrounded by candles that you see every day and makes you smile.
  • Perhaps host a party with friends and special animal caretakers to celebrate your animal's life and laugh about good memories (with good cocktails). Invite all your loved ones.
  • Write a letter to your animal telling them how much you love them and that you'll always think about them. (This is our fave.)
  • Put a photo in a special frame for the mantle next to his ashes.
  • Consider adding some of their ashes to a piece of pet cremation jewelry.
  • What about painting a picture of your animal - this is a very therapeutic way to cope with grief.
  • Journaling about the animal's Life Review and writing about all your adventures together.
  • If your dog is buried (make sure this is allowed in your city limits), place a pet grave marker to distinguish where your four-legged friend lies.

More products can be found below:

Pet Loss

1. Pet Urns (wood urns, rock urns) 

pet urn

This beautifully-detailed, AngelStar pet cremation urn has a 2-inch by 2-1/2-inch photo area. We believe that a pet cremation urn offers you the comfort of knowing your special pet has been cared for with dignity. 

It is available for $30.83. 

2. Paw Prints

Paw prints

These Furever Memorial Paw Print Keepsakes will help keep your beloved pet's memory alive. This is perfect for a family with children as you can make a lasting keepsake of your special canine or feline companion with clay, the best material for preserving your remembrance for years to come.

Available for $24.77 on Amazon prime. 

3. Garden Stones

garden stones

Whether you have a memorial garden or simply want a pet memorial stone giving your family members something that resembled your dog, this pet marker is a wonderful way to memorialize your pet. This can also be placed under your dog's favorite tree.

Available for $24.95 on Amazon prime. 

4. Pet Loss Journals

pet loss journal

This Etsy artist will customize the journal so it includes the name of your pet. Pet memory journals are a wonderful way to capture all your happy memories and helps with the grief process.

This memorial keepsake is available for $21.90.

5. Keepsake Boxes

Keepsake box

This beautiful piece is perfect for holding small keepsake items that were your beloved pet including a collar or dog tags.

Available for $24. 

6. Cremation Jewelry 

Cremation Jewelry

This lovely pendant has overtones of a small galaxy with cremation ash from pets mixed into the glass matrix. A kit is sent to the pet owner so the artist can collect ashes for the memorial jewelry.

It can be purchased for $76

7. Living Urn

The Living Urn is a planting system which allows you to incorporate your pet's cremated remains, growing a tree of your choice. You can choose a tree seedling to incorporate with the urn, so you'll be able to watch the tree grow right away, rather than having to wait for a seed to take root and sprout. Or you can plant your own flowers or tree. It's a beautiful way to remember your pet.

The system and the plant are $109

8. Pet Loss Picture Frames

etsy pet loss frame

This beautiful, personalized picture frame will warm your heart as soon as you see the quote. This is a very appropriate gift if you know someone that recently lost their best friend.

It is currently discounted for $31.42 on Etsy.

9. Ornaments

Pet Loss OrnamentsThis touching Rainbow Bridge ornament includes a quote that pet owners cherish as we all think about meeting our pets on the other side.

This ornament is available for $12.99.

10. Pet Memory Chimes 


These chimes have a vintage-look and place for your pet's photo in the hanging heart. After losing your beloved dog, we know you'll find these chimes to be a great comfort. 

These are available for $18.99

Grief Support 

There are many support hotlines but this is the one we recommend. Trained professionals will help guide you through how to cope with your grief. Contact the Veterinary College at Cornell University's Pet loss support hotline for more information.

Just remember you aren't alone in missing your pet after they pass.

After the loss of a pet, I've made up some beautiful pet loss jewelry. I have a memorial necklace, memorial bracelet, bangle and also had a locket made up with a picture of my dog Bruiser.

A charm necklace is a wonderful sympathy gift. The loss of a pet is one of the most difficult times in your life and every dog lover will want to look at memorial gifts. I also have memorial urns with the ashes of my two dogs that passed away.

Consider these pet memorial necklace ideas and pet memorial jewelry either for yourself or as a gift. These don't have to be elaborate. You can have a quote engraved or just pick out something in the shape of a dog bone. Quotes including "forever in my heart" work well on pet urn jewelry too. If you have any suggestions not mentioned please leave below in the comments.

Have you experienced the loss of a pet? Tell us in the comments below. 

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