10 Deer Hunting Videos to Get You Primed for the Season

These 10 deer hunting videos are sure to get your blood pumping!

Whether you love hunting whitetail deer or mule deer, with a bow or rifle, you get it all with this intense collection.

Some of the videos might even bring you to tears.

The time for deer season is upon us, and our hunting gear lies in wait.

Some of the most mature bucks harvested come from well-planned food plots, well-scouted public land, well-placed trail cameras, and well-devised hunting strategies. On the other hand, sometimes things just line up perfectly.

These are some of the best deer hunting videos available online, so sit back and enjoy.

Heather Farrar's Monster Buck

Heather Farrar stalks a HUGE buck and makes not one, but two great shots to down this velvet wall-hanger.

A Dandy of a Reaction

This video is the perfect reminder that we hunt not for bragging rights, but for something much deeper.

12-Year-Old 650 Yard Shot

Be amazed as this 12-year-old boy puts an insane long range shot on a big 'ole muley.

Giant Illinois 8-point Whitetail

Patience always goes a long way when it comes to hunting big whitetail and this clip shows why.

South Dakota Mule Deer Hunt

Incredible scenery provides the perfect backdrop for this lifetime hunt. Oh yeah, the buck isn't too shabby either.

169" Buck: Illinois Bow Hunt

Teenager or not, this young man proves he has got what it takes to harvest a nice 11-point whitetail with a clean bow shot.

Trophy Mule Deer with Bow

Watch as one hunter makes a skillful shot on a trophy mule deer on the slopes of Montana.

2 Deer with 1 Shot

Not even a teenager yet, this hunter has quite a story to tell as his first bow kill bags him two deer.

Young Disabled Hunter Takes Down Whitetail Buck

Although he has been confined to a wheel chair from birth, this hunter refuses to allow his circumstances to prevent him from enjoying the great outdoors.

Kid's Reaction to Big Buck

This youngster's response after taking a trophy buck is priceless.

A deer hunter who's after the biggest buck makes his own luck, but it can't all be predetermined. Every time hunting season comes along, the visions of past close calls and antler sightings all come back.

Another Opening Day is here, and hopefully you're even more amped for it.