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Bowhunter Captures Kill Shot With Reverse-Angle Camera

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This big buck's reaction to getting pummeled by a bowhunter's arrow may surprise you.

Getting your shot and harvest on film to enjoy for years to come isn't easy, but man is it worth it. But, rarely do you get the reverse angle of your shot exit on a buck like this one. You can see the arrow blow through the deer's vitals and exit with a mist of blood.

It's not very often that you catch a moment like this on camera from this close.

Watch the video below:

Awesome video of a bucks reaction after being shot! #Repost LIKE Whitetail Up

Posted by Whitetail Up on Saturday, January 6, 2018

It almost feels like you can see his expression in his eyes. His face says something along the lines of, "Yup, that one hurts a little bit."

It's crazy to see how far self-filmed hunts have come, and it's interesting to see the extra effort hunters put in to get different angles of their hunts. You can see the bait pile in the video frame, which always makes this angle a little easier because you know the vicinity in which a deer might come.

However, many factors have to play out just right for it to all come together. Seeing the arrow exit the body cavity is interesting enough, but the deer's reaction will have you watching this clip over and over again.

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Bowhunter Captures Kill Shot With Reverse-Angle Camera