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10 of the Most Delicious Breakfasts at Camp

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Looking for the best ways to prepare breakfast at camp? Look no further than these 10 delicious breakfast recipes you can make either on the trail or at the campsite. 

Breakfast is my favorite meal. I often have breakfast for dinner. But don't skimp out on a great meal just because you are sleeping in a tent. Here are 10 breakfast ideas you can make at camp.

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After having some of the best sleep ever under the stars, wake up right with an equally amazing breakfast. Click on the image to get the recipe.

1. Campfire Hash

Oh, yes.

Taste of Home

2. Cinnamon Rolls in Orange Peels

So easy! Why haven't I ever thought to cook something in half an orange...

Rugged Thug Life

3. Biscuit on a Stick

Just wrap dough around a stick (a clean stick).

Old Wood Fire Grill

4. Breakfast Tin Foil Pouch

Just put all your favorite breakfast items wrapped in a tin foil pouch and let it cook in the fire. Mine would be sausages, eggs, some cayenne pepper, green onions, and cheese. Yum, I may go camping this weekend just so I can have breakfast at camp.

tin foil
Echoes of Laughter

5. Eggs in a Basket

Definitely a pioneer's breakfast.

My Recipes

6. Raspberry Dutch Baby

Who doesn't love a Dutch baby pancake?!

My Recipes

7. Campfire Bacon

Whoa, who has been keeping this camping hack secret?


8. Dutch Oven Biscuit Cheese Rolls

I don't know how much activity you would be doing after this meal...

Rhodes Bread

9. Eggs and Bacon in a Paper Bag

Have you tried this yet?

Life Hacker

 10. Eggs in a Muffin Tin

I have made these at home. They make great on-the-go breakfasts so they would be perfect to make right before you hit the trail, trout stream, or treestand.

egg muffin
Suburban Survival Blog

On your next trip to the backcountry, skip the trail mix and granola bars and make some real hearty breakfasts.


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10 of the Most Delicious Breakfasts at Camp