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This Deer Hunting Prank is Just Priceless

If you have friends like this guy, you have awesome friends.

Okay, seriously, who doesn’t love a good prank every now and then? Even better yet, this one involves deer hunting. In this video, we are introduced to an unsuspecting, rifle-toting, story-telling, novice hunter who is clearly looking to make what appears to be his first ever shot on a massive buck.

He gives us some excellent narration throughout the entire hunt from start to finish and his story is especially compelling because none of it actually happened but who can blame the poor guy?

Well, on second thought, it may be time for this guy to consider hunting with a new set of friends.

You might be able to pull this one on one of your more gullible pals, but first, it might be worth it to you to evaluate the strength of your friendship. At least this guy takes it like a champ.

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This Deer Hunting Prank is Just Priceless