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13 Inexplicably Beautiful Hunting Fails

Check out 13 of the worst hunting fails we could find.

Amey's Garage 
Amey's Garage 

Everyone has that embarrassing thing, that bad decision, or that "this one time" story that we hope stays a secret forever. The hunting world is no different; we've all made outdoor faux pas that we'd love for no one to ever hear about.

Thanks to the Internet, however, our lapses in judgement are now open for the entire world to see. When you make a mistake, even in the outdoors, it will end up online. We found several pictures of other people's fails to help you feel better about yours; enjoy.

While we realize that photoshop may be the culprit to at least a few of these, that doesn't make them less amusing. Because there is nothing like laughing at other people's mistakes or misfortunes to help you feel better about yours.



This guy's parents are probably concerned about all the Duck Dynasty they let him watch



Eddie Ray couldn't figure out why he was the only guy at the hunt club who wasn't seeing deer.


Vague But True

This guy took the adage "When it doubt, figure it out" a little too far.



Some people just don't get it.



This hunter wasn't about to let having to drive his mom's car and cramp his style .


Amey's Garage 

Grampa, frustrated by the growing deer population, took matters into his own hands.



Some call it lazy, others call it thinking. It's a fail, either way.


Huffington Post 

Then there are those headlines that you just have to read twice.



This, like the one before it, are real comments from real people. Real people who should probably think before they speak.


Chronicle Outdoors

This hunter was lucky that his pants were already brown... it could've gotten embarrassing otherwise.



We all heard the "going on a bear hunt" song when we were little... what we didn't realize, however, was that the song ends with the hunters being eaten


Is this a 'Can't see the forest through the trees" sorta situation?


 Fishing Buddy

"Earl, I think we should hunt that other stand today."

Liked that? Check this out.

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13 Inexplicably Beautiful Hunting Fails