hunting phrases you don't want to hear

8 Things You Just Don't Ever Want to Hear From a Hunting Buddy

Hunters have some of the best friends a man could ask for, but these are some hunting phrases you don't want to hear, even from your best hunting buddy.

All men are created equal... that is, until they send you a text message or a phone call with a phrase that just rubs you the wrong way. The hunting family is made up of all sorts of people, and most of them are genuinely honest and hardworking people. Some of them are storytellers, liars or just plain lazy.

If you are one of the hardest working, honest, best hunters in the world, you can still rub your hunting buddies the wrong way with one of these. Don't let this be you this hunting season.

1. "I'm running late."

If there's one phrase that tops the charts, this is it. There are very few things that get in the way of my hunting season for me, I won't let even my best friend ruin the hunt if he's running late. I have left people before, and I will surely do it in the future. It's not that I'm trying to be a jerk; it's to prevent it from happening again.

2. "I have to leave early."

Just like the 15 Guys You'll Meet While Hunting Public Land, there's always that one guy. He either remembers last minute that he had something to do or is a passive liar who might just be afraid of the dark. If you want to leave early, I hope you drove separately, because unless someone is sick, hurt or in danger, I am sitting until dark.

3. "My girlfriend is coming."

This is one quote that can make or break a friendship. My wife loves to go hunting with me, and I enjoy spending that time with her. The guys love her, and she enjoys spending time in the outdoors. However, just as in a golf outing, girls need their "girl time" guys need their guy time. If the unspoken memo of the hunt was that it was a "guys only" trip and you send this message, you may be breaking guy code.

Luckily for me, my wife knows and understands my need for guy time and is never saddened when I tell her she's not invited this time.

4. "I'm going to bring my dog, too."

This is the waterfowl hunting buddy who has never worked to train their dog, yet because he owns a chocolate lab, he thinks his dog will do just fine. When I began training my beagle to hunt rabbits, the best thing for him was to hunt with other dogs. That's not always the case when it comes to duck or goose hunting. If your dog cannot sit still or your buddy spends more time trying to catch his dog than anything else, you never want to read this message from him prior to the hunt.

5. "There's other hunters in here already."

This can go for both the public land and private property hunters who may share their hunting spots. There is nothing worse than getting in to your set up, real early, only to find someone has beat you to the punch. When your buddy sends you this message, it's as though someone has stole your lunch money. Always have a back up plan.

6. "Just heard that someone shot your buck."

That buck that you have been hunting real hard for a few years. You've spent countless hours scouting all summer long for three years in a row. You framed a trail camera picture of him and put him on the entertainment center under the TV right next to your mother in-law's picture. You consider him your buck.

When you receive the message that someone else may have harvested that deer, it can be heartbreaking. Sometimes, you're just better off not knowing.

7. "Someone hit a real nice buck with their car by your hunting spot."

Just like number six, it's heartbreaking to hear or read a message like this. As hunters, we like to hunt for food, but many of us like the challenge of chasing large, mature whitetail bucks.

To hear that one of the hit-list bucks was killed by a vehicle makes you feel very saddened. To make matters worse, when you have friends like I do, they will all put on black suits and go stand over the deer as though it is a funeral.

8. "Today is the last day of the season."

Opening day is the most anticipated day for hunters. After the last day of the season, we sit on the edge of our seats like we're at an action movie.

The last day of the hunting season is so full of emotion. Even though you're tired and sometimes anticipate the end, you never really want it to end.

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