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Why It’s Important to Veto the ‘Gunmageddon’ Bills in California

The Federalist

If passed, California would have the most restrictive gun control laws in the country. The state senate has passed 11 of the strictest bills proposed. Veto of these bills is of utmost importance because of the impact on other states.

In response to the shootings in San Bernardino which left 14 people dead, the California state senate passed a group of 11 bills that would restrict everything from magazine capacity to expanded background checks. According to, the list of bills are:

  • SB 1235, which expands background checks by mandating them for ammunition purchases. In addition, it would require the creation of a new system for collecting information on ammunition sales and licenses for selling ammunition.
  • SB 1446, which bans ammunition magazines that hold over 10 rounds.
  • SB 880, which reclassifies rifles with ammunition magazines that are detachable or quickly swapped out using a release button as assault weapons, thereby banning them in the state.
  • SB 894, which requires gun thefts or losses to be reported within five days.
  • SB 1407, which requires tinkerers that build or assemble guns to receive a serial number before beginning.
  • SB 1006, which creates a new center for gun violence research at the University of California.
  • AB 1176, which makes gun theft a felony.
  • AB 1511, which increases restrictions on loaning someone a gun.

A group of concerned citizens has created an organization seeking to ensure the list of bills are not passed. They are known as Veto Gunmegeddon and can be found on Facebook and their website.


Why is it important for everyone in the United States that this set of laws not take effect? Quite simply, because they would merely be a stepping stone for activists in other states to attempt similar actions.

Law-abiding gun owners have allowed gun control activists to define the debate for many years. They do this not only in legislation such as SB 880 but also in general discussion and through media outlets.

Even to the point that it is considered common practice to refer to any magazine that holds more than 10 rounds a “high capacity”. While this may seem like semantics, it is important psychological tactics that weigh into the argument.

It is easy for a non-gun owner to understand why “high capacity” magazines are not needed by the general public. It sounds big and bad. Kind of like the wolf in Little Red Robin Hood.

Biz Pac Review

Imagine how different the story would have been if Red had had the gun. What gun owners need to realize is that the anti-gun elements in society are smart in redefining terms.  In doing so, they win over voters who are not aware of reality.

One of the key tactics being used by anti-gun proponents is to attack ammunition instead of guns. This tends to be overlooked by most people and is easier to pass without bringing attention to the process. SB 1235 would make it a requirement to pass a background check in order to purchase ammunition.

Similar measures were vetoed in 2013 by Governor Jerry Brown. It is unknown at this time if the governor plans to veto these measures as well. However, California residents are currently working to develop public voting to override the laws if he does sign them into law.



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Why It’s Important to Veto the ‘Gunmageddon’ Bills in California