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Expert German Marksman Takes Out an Entire Herd of Boars


This shooting display by an expert marksman who takes out a herd of wild boar one by one while on the run will blow your mind.

Franz-Albrecht Oettingen of Spielberg, Germany, puts on an impressive display of marksmanship in a series of filmed hunts. In the first, using a Merkel Helix Custom 7×64 with an Aimpoint hunter sight and RWS Mantel 11.2g rounds, he takes each and every boar moving in a line, one by one as they come into view.

While shooting, the speed in which he recovers with the bolt action is lightning fast, and he’s already focused on predicting the movement of his next target, while confirming the kills of his previous shots to make sure he doesn’t need to fire an additional round to end their suffering. One shot, one kill is made on each target and he never once misses a target.

Oettingen also uses a Merkel Helix Explorer 300WM with an Aimpoint CompC3 sight and RWS Silver Selection Evolution 11.9g rounds in the series of hunts. As he lays to waste boar running in all different directions as they cross a road, he waits patiently for the perfect shots in the trees, avoiding obstacles disrupting his firing lines and timing his shots when the boar reach cleared areas within the woods.

An ethical hunting display concludes the video as a family of black bears approach the ridge where he’s hunting boar. While the adult female crests the ridge first, he waits to confirm whether or not it has cubs, while steadying his rifle. Once the adult female is confirmed as the mother of two cubs, he refrains from shooting and yells with a fury to intimidate the bears into a fast retreat.

While watching his world-class shooting display using a rifle to take out fast-moving targets, one can only imagine what Franz could do on a skeet range with a shotgun or in battle as a sniper.

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Expert German Marksman Takes Out an Entire Herd of Boars