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Check out This 282-Pound Monster Buck from Maine

monster buck
Bangor Daily News

A hunter in Maine recently hit the Halloween jackpot with a monster buck.

Neal Page from Palmyra, Maine found only treats and no tricks on the Halloween opener of deer season this year. On opening morning, he set out to walk the swamp edge behind his house.

In the '80s, he killed a buck there that weighed in at 231 pounds.

Page heard a snap of branches, and said, "I look up and I could see something coming through the firs and hardwoods. I could see the tips of horns coming through, and I thought, 'Wow. That's a good one.'"

Page recounted after lining up a shot:

He's heading toward me at a teeny bit of a trot. I was leaning back against a tree and I had a bead on it, and I blatted: 'Bap! Bap! Bap!' Three times. The third time, he stopped and he kind of looked into the bog, because it echoed. When he stopped, bang, it was over.

monster buck

Mark McLain, Page's son-in-law, was hunting nearby and came over to help find the Halloween buck. The search didn't take long, and it resulted in a 10-pointer that field dressed out at 282 pounds (including the heart and liver). The monster buck's rut-swollen neck measured 34 inches in circumference.

News of a BBD (i.e., big buck down) travels fast. Page allegedly had visitors stopping by his house to see the giant most of the day. "About 9:30 Saturday night, finally people stopped coming. I didn't hold anybody off. Everybody came in. [On Sunday], there must have been, at any time, 25, 35 people here... Everybody was whooping and hollering," Page said.

As to Page's secret to killing such a monster buck, he had the following to say: "You can't plan on anything. You can't figure those [big bucks] out. You just luck onto 'em."

Congratulations on the nice deer!

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Check out This 282-Pound Monster Buck from Maine