Randall Bonner

Randall started writing for alt weekly publications in 2011, which evolved into a focus on environment and conservation issues. He's currently covering those topics for the Good Men Project website and contributing regularly to a regional print publication, Northwest Sportsman Magazine. Randall grew up hunting and fishing in Alabama, where his father ran a whitetail guide service and was a very passionate waterfowl hunter. While he enjoys hunting, Randall would rather be fishing. During his few years in Georgia, he hiked a little over 300 miles of the Appalachian Trail, but probably spent more time in the concrete jungle than in the woods. Now in Oregon, he frequents as much new water as he can, mostly targeting salmonid species, while still maintaining his appreciation for warm water species. Most of his hikes now are centered around picking mushrooms, berries or wildcrafting anything that's in season.