Mike Iaconelli Leaps from Boat to Land a Bass

Mike Iaconelli leaps from boat to land bass during tournament play in this legendary catch caught on film.

While you're re-living Doug Flutie's hail Mary, the "Kick-six" from the 2013 Iron Bowl and those crazy Miami Hurricane kickoff laterals, you've got to include this fishing tournament play as one of the top sports replays of all time.

During a 2006 tournament on Table Rock Lake, Mike Iaconelli was reeling in a bass that dove underneath the boat, leaving him scrambling to adjust drag and give the fish some room to run.

As he was peeling line from the reel, the line broke at the reel and started to come through the guides.

Iaconelli's quick thinking and immediate reaction of leaping from the boat allowed him to secure the line by hand, coming back on board and landing the fish as part of his bag for the tournament.

What's interesting about this instant replay is that Iaconelli's hand never leaves the side of the boat as he leaps into the water. Technically, anglers are not allowed to leave the boat during tournament play, so this minor detail is the one saving grace that made the fish count.

When people think about sports, professional bass anglers aren't commonly known for athletic skill, but this particular "play" will go down in the history books as one of the greatest ever caught on film. The look on Ianconelli's face when he lands the fish says it all.