Hornady Critical Defense Adds Even More to Its Threat-Stopping Lineup

Now there are even more options in what many claim is the strongest personal-defense round, Hornady's Critical Defense.

You can't have too much of a good thing, huh? That's a saying that doesn't really apply when you're talking about self-defense.

The training you acquire, the gun you choose, and the ammo you shoot through it should weigh heavily on anyone's mind if they care about protecting themselves and their loved ones.

We've known about the merits of Hornady Critical Defense ammunition for quite some time, but were surprised to learn how far they've gone beyond the typical handgun and shotgun calibers we're used to in the self-defense market.

The proven hollow-tip bullet sees maximum potential with Hornady's FTX, a patented, expansion-aiding Flex Tip that won't clog when it passes through clothing or other similar materials. Critical Defense also has a notable difference in flash propellants, meaning a shot in darkness won't disrupt night vision.

Their nickel-plated cases resist corrosion, and the dependability speaks for itself.

And, as gun owners have diversified their interests and preferences in self-defense firearms, Hornady has followed suit by offering more selections using the same ballistic technology.

New Critical Defense Rounds

There are now rifle rounds, reduced recoil cartridges, and a .410 Triple Defense shell that has an FTX slug and two round .35-caliber balls. Each represents the pinnacle of threat-stopping power, Hornady says.

In the rifle category, two versions of .223 Remington are available in 55 or 73 grains, as well as a 110-grain 30 M1 Carbine round and a hefty 155-grain .308 Winchester.

Reduced recoil, or "Lite" rounds can be found in .38 Special and 9mm, and the .410 is a 2 1/2-inch shell. As a bonus, a portion of the proceeds from the Lite rounds will go towards breast cancer research, an extra-noble cause worthy of some recognition. Both .25 Auto and .30 Auto handgun rounds can be had in the Critical Defense collection now, too.

The bottom line is, when the choices you make create a difference in life or death, safety or danger, you shouldn't have any doubt you've made the right decision.

If you're using something other than Hornady Critical Defense, you owe it to yourself to personally evaluate the difference. And now there are even more ways to do it.