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Watch 100 Archery Kills in 14 Minutes

Check out this back-to-back, non-stop action of bowhunting everything from North America to Africa.

If the cool weather sweeping through most of the nation doesn’t get you itching for bow season, this video sure will.

With 100 bow kills on everything from warthog to kudu, whitetail to turkey, this will get you salivating to grab your bow (or buy one) and hit the great outdoors.

Every bow kill is a trophy no matter what the size. If you are willing to take up the bow and hit the woods, you will truly appreciate the feeling of connecting with an arrow over the yardage that separates you from your prey.

Now is the time to ensure that you have your archery gear tuned up and ready for action. Will you be ready for your own video this season?

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Watch 100 Archery Kills in 14 Minutes