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Bowhunting Stone’s Sheep in the Peaks of B.C. [VIDEO]

The peaks of the Cassiar Mountains of British Columbia hold adventure, fatigue and the elusive Stone’s Sheep. 

In the words of Adam Foss, “Countless hunters hear the call, but few have the fortitude to return with the treasure they seek.”

Stone’s Sheep rule the high mountain peaks and are elusive even for those that are able to reach their domain. But for those few hardy individuals that can handle the rigors of this landscape, there is more than just the trophy that they’ll bring home.


Your heart pounds in your chest and your legs ache from exhaustion, but something deep in that pounding heart drives you forward. The mountains of British Columbia hold beauty beyond words and hardships beyond imagination. Proper physical training and conditioning is required in order to experience this type of hunting.

Adam Foss and his brother Cam strap on their backpacks and bows to venture into one of the most pristine landscapes in North America.

Hunting Stone’s Sheep not allows a great hunting adventure, it also provides the opportunity to combine backpacking and camping with mountain climbing and hunting. You won’t just have one adventure, you’ll have a lifetime of them.

When you are bowhunting these mountain monarchs, it is even more exhilarating.  The closeness you feel to your quarry and the exposure when taking a shot leaves you gasping for what little breath you have left after climbing the peaks of the British Columbia Cassiar Mountain.


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Bowhunting Stone’s Sheep in the Peaks of B.C. [VIDEO]