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Brown Phase Colorado Black Bear Taken with Traditional Archery [VIDEO]

Black bear hunting is exciting no matter the weapon, but stepping back in time and using traditional archery tackle can make it even more exhilarating.

Archery is possibly the truest form of shooting due to the relationship between the archer and his bow. There are some societies that practice archery as a method of stress relief due to the concentration and focus it takes to use.

Removing the aides of present-day archery by stepping back to a recurve or longbow allows you an even truer oneness with your weapon. Add to that the presence of a six-foot black bear in the Colorado wilderness and you have an incredible hunting experience.

Here you will see a hunter from down under (Australia) take a brown phase black bear with traditional tackle.

The growth of traditional archery has been exponential. Movies like The Hunger Games, along with groups such as National Archery in Schools Program and 3D Scholastic Archery, has propelled this growth.

In fact, archery is the fastest growing segment of the shooting sports industry.

This growth in archery shooting has also expanded the interest of archers in traditional tackle. Recurve shooting is the fastest growing of this segment, but longbows aren’t far behind. There are a number of companies stepping into this portion of the industry making it easier to become a traditionalist.

Picking up a bow, placing an arrow on the rest, and pulling to full draw with your broadhead resting on target can give you a feeling of history blending with the present. If you’ve not tried a traditional bow, find a shop and give it a shot.

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Brown Phase Colorado Black Bear Taken with Traditional Archery [VIDEO]