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YouTube: Killa Outdoors

Girl Bags Her First Buck Ever, Making for Special Dad and Daughter Moment

This is what hunting is all about.

If you have ever been asked why you hunt, there's a lot of different ways you can answer that. Many people are going to say for the meat a harvested animal provides. Plenty of others just want to spend as much time outdoors as possible. There is a big argument to be made simply for the family time and the memories made.

Because as strange as it may seem to non-hunters, nothing brings friends and family together quite like a good hunt. Especially one where everyone can share in the excitement and success of others. Moreso when we are talking about a youngster's first deer ever.

A perfect example of what we're talking about comes to us from YouTuber Killa Outdoor's video of his daughter's first deer ever. Watch as father and daughter practice shooting her crossbow in the backyard and then take those skills to the field during Virginia's youth hunt. It's a special moment and a memory.

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It doesn't get much better than that! What a great shot, and a special moment for these two to share together. That young lady put a great shot on that young buck. Judging by that entry and exit hole, we're surprised that deer went as far as it did. In any case, we think dad was more excited than his little girl on this one! Which often seems to be the case with this type of hunting video.

It's hunts like this that the youth hunting seasons have been designed for in most states. It gives these youngsters and their parents a quality chance to harvest their first deer before other hunters head afield and the pressure gets heavy on a hunting spot. We also love the trend of parents filming these hunts so they can relive the memory over and over for years to come. I'll admit, it makes me jealous I grew up before these types of seasons became the norm nationwide.

Congrats to this young woman on her first deer ever. We hope it's the first of many more!

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