regal buck on alert amongst trees
Getty Images, Medley of Photography

Little Girl Smokes Her First Buck Ever Using a Tiny Compound Bow

Watch this hopscotch hunter take down a seven-point like a seasoned pro.

She's beauty, she's grace, she's the most disciplined little hunter we've ever seen.

This video, posted from Minnesota-based Whitcomb Whitetails documents the magical moments of the ten-year-old's first buck. It starts with her gathering her equipment at the truck, walking in, and getting safely settled in before watching for deer. It heats up when a seven-point buck makes his way into view. As the buck comes in she keeps her cool, follows directions from her father, and strikes gold with her purple compound bow. It is safe to say that the little star of the show, Merissa Whitcomb, has more poise while, and after, taking the shot than most grown hunters do.

She is an exceptionally knowledgeable hunter for her age, and it's clear she's been taught well. Whatever the best outdoorsmen are made of, Whitcomb has got it.

Watch the video below:


What an awesome hunt!

Even after the shot Whitcomb knows what to do. It is like watching an expert outdoorsman, but in a little girl's body.

It's hard to believe this was her first buck. She handled the scenario like a seasoned pro until the buck went down. Her hands were shaking like a leaf around the 3:28 mark, but you have to watch closely and know what you're watching for to see it. Buck fever has nothing on her! We know the feeling, and she has it under control.

Kudos to Merissa for harvesting her first buck ever using a more complex method of hunting—most people take their first deer using a firearm. We're not sure if this was her goal all along, but she spent a lot of time in the backyard practicing, and it paid off. It looks like dad taught her well! Congrats to Merissa on a fine first buck. Remember this video the next time you get disillusioned about the future of hunting. If this video is any indicator, that future is still in good hands.

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