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Little Girl Smokes Her First Buck Ever Using a Tiny Compound Bow

First Buck
YouTube: whitcombswhitetails

This little girl looks like a seasoned pro with a bow in her hands.

We always hear about how hunting may be a dying pastime as the numbers of young people taking up the tradition seem to be dwindling. However, sometimes we need to step away from the gloom and doom and take a moment to appreciate the new, young hunters we have.

Case in point is this video from whitcombswhitetails. In this short hunt, Merissa Whitcomb is out hunting with her. What sets this video apart from many other youth hunting videos we have seen recently is she is utilizing a compound bow.

It is clear she has been taught extremely well from the way she buckles herself into the tree, to the incredible discipline she shows waiting for the right shot. When a young buck shows up, her shot from her tiny purple bow drops him within sight of the father and daughter's treestand.

What an awesome hunt, one of the better ones featuring a kid we have seen recently. It is hard to believe this was this little girl's first buck. She handled the whole scenario like a seasoned pro until the buck went down. If you were watching closely, her hands were shaking like a leaf around the 3:28 mark. We know the feeling, and think it is safe to say she is probably hooked for life after a hunt like that!

Kudos to Merissa for harvesting her first buck ever using a decidedly harder method of hunting. Most people take their first deer using a firearm. We're not sure if this was her goal all along, but she clearly spent a lot of time in the backyard practicing and it paid off. It looks like dad taught her well!

Congrats to Merissa on a fine first buck. Remember this video the next time you get disillusioned about the future of hunting. Because if this video is any indicator, that future is still in good hands.

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Little Girl Smokes Her First Buck Ever Using a Tiny Compound Bow