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Six-Year-Old Bowhunter Makes Perfect Shot on His First Buck Ever

This youth bowhunter is wise beyond his years.

The world of youth hunting has taken off considerably in recent years. Especially with more states offering opportunities to youngsters before the regular seasons begin. Most youth hunters utilize rifles or muzzleloaders when taking their first deer. However, there are a few youngsters who go for the challenge of using archery equipment.

It takes a good teacher and specially tuned equipment for a youngster to take a deer using a compound bow. Especially since most do not have the strength to pull back a heavier bow. Still, it can be done using the proper gear.

Case in point is today's video from Dixieland Bowhunter. Watch as 6-year-old (Yes, we said SIX years old) bowhunter Bubba shoots his first deer ever with a tiny compound bow. The young hunter shows skills and discipline beyond his years on this hunt.

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We believe Bubba said the bow he was shooting only had a 17-pound draw weight. This just goes to prove that draw weight is not the most important thing in bowhunting. It's more about the quality of your broadhead and the amount of cutting it does of vital organs. That deer left an excellent blood trail. Even though the arrow was sticking out as he ran off, it worked its way completely through the animal's body and ultimately resulted in a nice, clean kill.

Kudos to Bubba's parents for being good teachers to this kid. He handled himself like a pro on this hunt. The way he let off to remove his hat and then re-draw? That's one smart kid. He stayed cool, calm, and collected through the whole hunt.

Congrats to Bubba on his first buck ever. Not many hunters can claim to have taken a buck with a stick and string at that age!

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