.350 Legend Youth Season
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Youth Hunter Freaks Out After Smoking 9-Pointer With a .350 Legend

This youth hunter's reaction says it all!

We all remember the excitement of taking a buck early in our hunting career. It's a rush like no other. These days, youth seasons allow more young hunters than ever to harvest their first buck early in the season. In Michigan, this season has proven to be extremely popular for bringing new hunters into the fold.

Probably no rifle has been more popular for youth hunters than the straight wall cartridge .350 Legend. It offers low recoil and shoots incredibly flat, making it perfect for young hunters still learning.

This round is legal in the southern part of Michigan, which has traditionally been the shotgun only zone. Which is where Brady VanWormer is hoping for a big buck. Brady is calm and collected up until the shot. Then he understandably comes completely unglued. This is what hunting is all about.

It's videos like this that make me jealous that the youth season wasn't a thing here in Michigan back when I started hunting in the late 1990s. We count that among one of the best reactions we've ever seen to someone shooting a deer. The fact they caught the whole thing on video means they can relive this hunt over and over for years to come.

Although this kid is now somewhat spoiled for life with these two deer. There are adult hunters in Michigan who have never seen one buck like this before, let alone two of them!

It looks like Brady got a perfect double lung shot here which made for a fast recovery. It's a testament to the effectiveness of the .350 Legend, which is equally at home in either a bolt-action rifle or an AR-style platform. Either way, it groups great and puts deer on the ground consistently at longer ranges than a shotgun or a muzzleloader. Congrats on a great buck Brady, you're having a better season than I am!

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