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Young Whitetail Buck Looking for Toga Party, Crashes College Dorm

A young whitetail deer crashed into a college dorm, knocking over furniture, pooping on the floor, and eventually locking itself in the bathroom. Sounds like a scene from Animal House.

A whitetail buck deer apparently couldn't get admitted to Williams Baptist College in Arkansas through normal channels, so he decided to crash a dorm. Trouble was, there weren't enough students around to start a food fight or have a kegger.

The deer broke through a window and ran into Southerland Residence Hall, knocked some furniture over and eventually got itself shut in a bathroom, where he was subdued before being examined and released.

WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

A maintenance man covered the young buck's head with a blanket to calm it down. They then tied the buck's legs together and carried it out of the dorm.

The deer was examined before its release by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. The animal suffered a few cuts from breaking through the glass window. But the injuries weren't serious and the deer was released into a nearby wooded area.

No students were injured during the incident, although it is unknown if any students required counseling or a safe space to retreat to because of the encounter.

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