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Moose Tangled in Wire Rescued in Northern Wisconsin [VIDEO]

A bull moose was seen struggling to free itself from a tangle of wire near railroad tracks. Wisconsin DNR personnel effected a rescue of the animal.

Sightings of moose in northern Wisconsin have been making the news in recent weeks, including a bull moose that was rescued outside the town of Phillips in Price County, northcentral Wisconsin.

The bull was spotted near railroad tracks, struggling to free itself after becoming trapped in a tangle of wire.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources reported that personnel from the Canadian National Railroad had contacted them after spotting the frantic moose.

The DNR quickly called for assistance from the U.S Department of Agriculture Wildlife Services, including the services of a wildlife biologist.

Thanks to some quick and efficient coordination between the agencies, wildlife personnel were able to immobilize the large animal, safely untangle it from the wire, make sure that it was healthy and uninjured, and release it back into the wild, all within an hour’s time.

Just a few days after the Price County moose rescue, another moose was spotted and photographed in Shawano County, southeast of Price County.

Moose sightings are rare in Wisconsin although they do occur. Last year the DNR recorded 22 moose sightings in the state, with most or all of the moose thought to be visitors wandering down from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

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Moose Tangled in Wire Rescued in Northern Wisconsin [VIDEO]