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A True Group Effort Required to Untangle Colorado Whitetail Bucks


Officers from four Colorado agencies free a couple of antler and wire locked whitetails like they've done it a thousand times before. 

"There's no such thing as a typical day for a Yuma County Sheriff's Deputy on the Eastern Plains of Colorado." Those are the words on the Yuma County Sheriff's Facebook page describing the involvement of Sheriff Deputy Joel Compton in a recent well coordinated animal welfare incident.

On November 23rd two large whitetail bucks become hopelessly locked together as they battled one another on the Eastern Plains in Yuma County, Colorado. The two deer had not only locked their antlers together but had also become ensnared in a twisted tangle of discarded wire.

At least six officials, including the videographer, from four different agencies joined together to capture, immobilize, and free the locked whitetail bucks in an almost perfect catch and release effort.

Colorado agencies included the Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife, the Yuma County Sheriff Department, the Colorado Department of Transportation, and the Y-W Electric Association. Deputy Compton can be seen early in the video assuming the role of cowboy by chasing and lassoing one of the deer before the other officers jump in to further immobilize the animals.

The action was captured on video by Colorado DOT worker Troy Vance.

Great job by these guys in performing a smooth, safe and effective animal rescue.

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A True Group Effort Required to Untangle Colorado Whitetail Bucks