Young South Carolina Angler Catches Purse Missing for 25 Years

A young angler in South Carolina thought he had a 30-pound catfish on the line. It was actually a woman's purse, which had been lost 25 years earlier!

Every once in a while, someone catches something they weren't intending while out fishing. That's the case with an 11-year-old South Carolina angler on the fourth of July.

While initially he and several bystanders thought he had a huge catfish, it actually ended up being a woman's purse! It had been lost 25 years earlier at Lake Hartwell. Amazingly, everything inside was intact!

The purse belongs to April Bolt and provides an interesting time capsule into the past. What was even more amazing was that a bystander who witnessed the purse being brought up, Ben Myers, actually knew Bolt.

It definitely wasn't a call she was expecting to get after she left the purse on a docked boat 25 years earlier. When she returned later, the purse was gone, seemingly forever... until it was hooked by the fisherman!

It just goes to show, you never know what may happen when you go out on the water. And you never know what you may find or catch! It is crazy stories like this that help us keep going back for more.

And let's hope this young angler's next trip to the lake brings him that big catfish he was looking for!