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Ontario Fisherman Catches Old Handgun in the Detroit River

Windsor Star

The handgun may have been on the bottom of the river for years. 

Jesse Glen has a fishing story that will rival any of yours. He caught a handgun while fishing the Detroit River!

He reeled in the handgun Monday while fishing with his brother in Windsor, Ontario’s Reaume Park. He thought he had a bite when he pulled in the bizarre catch. Somehow, he told the Windsor Star, he hooked it on the firearm’s trigger.

“It was heavy,” Glen told the paper. “I pulled it up, and it was a handgun. A revolver – a six-shooter.”

The handgun appears to be a very old revolver that had likely been laying at the bottom of the river for a long time. “That’s definitely the craziest thing I’ve ever caught when I was fishing,” Glen told the Windsor Star.

As for how a handgun ended up at the bottom of the river, you’re no doubt thinking the same thing that came to Glen’s mind.

“If a gun’s in the river, it’s got to be sketchy, right?” Glen said. “Why else would a gun be in the river unless it was used for something?”

Keeping this possibility in mind, Glen was careful not to touch the firearm out of fear of disturbing any potential evidence. The officers took down Glen’s information and took the firearm with them. “One of the officers inspected it. He tried to pry it open a little bit,” Glen said. “I think he was looking for a serial number or something.”

Windsor police told the paper the gun’s poor condition meant a serial number couldn’t be found on the firearm. An officer also said the strange catch was uncommon, but that it’s not surprising to find a discarded firearm in the river.

“But I’m not surprised by it, I mean, I’m sure there’s quite a few guns at the bottom of that river,” an unnamed officer told the paper.

Glen plans to keep fishing the spot where he caught the gun. But it’s very unlikely he’ll never have another fishing story from that spot that’ll be able to match it!



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Ontario Fisherman Catches Old Handgun in the Detroit River