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Young Hunters Double Up on Does Only Seconds Apart

YouTube: Buckeye Bowhunters

These young hunters self-film a hunt to remember!

Almost every hunter I know is concerned about the future of our tradition. Older hunters are dropping out of the pastime every year and few young hunters are stepping up to take their places. It's not just hunters. State and federal wildlife agencies are also concerned by the dip in hunter numbers.

Knowing that, it is refreshing to know there are some youngsters out there who are still carrying on the tradition and getting excited about it too.

Case in point, this video from Buckeye Bowhunters. Adrian and Cody are two young hunters self-filming a deer hunt in central Ohio. They've got a couple tags still burning a hole in their pockets and a Savage rifle chambered in .350 Legend waiting for action. This hunt plays out in incredible fashion and they capture the entire thing on camera for the world to see.

The only thing better than bagging a deer late in the season is pulling a double with family. We're presuming these two are brothers although it doesn't say for sure. Either way, this is a hunt these two are going to remember the rest of their lives for the way it played out and they both filled tags.

That was some slick maneuvering to trade off the gun and the camera roles and make the shots on these two deer. It's not often you get another chance after the first shot and these boys did well to capitalize on the opportunity presented to them.

The best part of the video was their reactions after realizing that both deer were finally down. This is truly what hunting is all about. Making memories and filling the freezer with venison. These boys did well to do that here and the family likely ate well all winter.

Seeing this gives us a lot of hope for the future of hunting. Congrats to Adrian and Cody on an amazing hunt to remember!

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Young Hunters Double Up on Does Only Seconds Apart