Young Hunter Bags First-Ever Harvest on Camera

This is what hunting is about; thanks to Allen B. for sending us the clip.

When you see videos of young hunters like this, you can rest assured there are trustworthy outdoorsmen and women who are doing their part to pass on the love for the hunting heritage to youth hunters.

Hats off to reader Allen B., who sent this in. He was the proud dad of Trevin, who got this cow elk in Montana, and was behind the camera filming.

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Unfortunately, as hunter numbers drop nationwide, this sort of scene of a first harvest is being played out less and less. It isn't just elk or waterfowl or spring turkey seasons that are affected. It's the more popular deer seasons too that are seeing fewer new people signing up for hunter education courses.

Fish and wildlife and department of conservation officials in many states have noticed the dip in hunter numbers, especially when it comes to vital preliminary data statistics like deer harvest numbers. It's why so many are introducing free or reduced-cost hunting licenses and specialty deer hunting seasons. Just about every state and province has a youth weekend of some kind to get youngsters out big game hunting these days.

There is really no better time to be a youth hunter. Hunting regulations are highly relaxed in a young hunter's favor. They don't have to master archery or their stalking skills to enjoy a successful youth season.

If you haven't read our piece on why you should mentor a new hunter this year, check it out. Wildlife management and department of natural resources officials are depending on young hunters to help sustain healthy populations going forward.

So, take a youth hunter out for their first hunt this season like young Trevin. It doesn't matter if you're going after small game, wild turkey or giant elk. You may just hook someone on the outdoors for life!