mountain lion vs. deer
YouTube: adudeuknow

Trophy-Class Mule Deer Attacked By Ambitious Mountain Lion

Ever wondered what it looks like when a mountain lion attacks large prey?

Mountain lions are rarely seen taking down large bucks in the wild, so when we saw this video, we took notice.

Filmed in New Mexico back in 2001, this footage shows a bold mountain lion attacking a big mule deer buck. The narrator estimates the buck weighs 265 pounds and places the mountain lion in at around 150 pounds. It's middleweight vs. heavyweight, but that doesn't deter the mountain lion. He's hungry and ready to fight to the death for a meal.

The cougar goes straight for the back of the buck's neck, a tactic lions often use to neutralize their prey. The buck doesn't go down easy. He has a huge neck, and he's full of piss and vinegar from the rut.

It's a battle of strength and endurance as the two grapple on the ground. The buck lays several powerful kicks against the cougar's head, but the lion doesn't even flinch.

Watch to see how the fight unfolds.

Both the buck and the mountain lion put up an incredible fight. It's amazing that the mountain lion is unfazed by the trouncing from the buck's hooves.

Deer are the main item on the menu for mountain lions. On average, they kill one deer every 10-14 days. Mountain lions usually drag carcasses away from the kill site and cover them with foliage to hide them from other animals.

Other wildlife cougars like to snack on include feral pigs, coyotes and raccoons.

If you ever make it to New Mexico for a mule deer, you'll at least know you've got some competition.