Young Girl Looking For Venomous Snakes Almost Dies After Getting Snake Bit
Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Young Girl Almost Dies After Venomous Snake Bites Her On Scavenger Hunt

One scavenger hunt turned into a fight for survival for an 11-year-old girl. She was searching for pictures of the United Kingdom's only venomous snake — the adder. A trail had photos that children could find in exchange for a prize. However, she accidentally came across the venomous snake itself instead of the picture.

However, the 11-year-old accidentally got bit by the snake. The incident happened on the children's adder trail at Fringringhoe Wick Nature Reserve on Sunday.

The venomous snake bit her on the hand when she bent to get a closer look at the reptile. Her mother, Sam Lythgho, quickly rushed the girl to the hospital. However, she was already in serious condition when they arrived. The girl's chest swelled, and she became very sick. Doctors administered anti-venom. The mother said,  "Within 20 minutes her organs were shutting down and you could see the venom tracking up her arm."

Venomous Snake Bites Girl

The girl's pulse disappeared at one point. Her mother said there were no signs that adders actually lived on the adder trail. The mother wants to raise awareness about the importance of seeking emergency services. She said, "If I had taken her home I don't know if she would be here now." Additionally, Colchester General Hospital only had one vial of anti-venom available. Moving forward this was a wake up call. They plan to do more training and preparations for venomous snake bites.

An organization for the trail denies accusations that the family wasn't properly warned. A spokesperson from Essex Wildlife Trust said, "Fingringhoe Wick Nature Discovery Centre has a clear sign at the entrance to our centre and on our website about adders, including information about taking caution and what to do if bitten." The organization said the family was advised to stick to the trail and avoid any snakes that they may come across. It's refusing to accept the blame.

However, the Trust agrees to add more signs around the trail to warn the public about the possible dangers. The adder is venomous and typically sticks to green brush. It likes to hide in people's gardens. It sounds like the 11-year-old will recover, but it was a traumatic experience for the girl.