eastern brown snake
An eastern brown snake from central New South Wales, Australia. Image: Stephen Mahony/Australian Museum

Aussie Man Killed Trying to Remove Venomous Snake from Childcare Facility

An Aussie man died after receiving multiple bites from a venomous snake at a childcare center near North Queensland, Australia. 

According to reports, 47-year-old Jerromy Brookes was bitten on the arm by an eastern brown snake when he tried to remove it from the facility. 

Later, the father of two drove himself home and his wife administered first aid, but he went into cardiac arrest. He was taken to a nearby hospital, but he could not be saved.

Experts say the eastern brown snake, or common brown snake, is an extremely venomous snake that's native to eastern and central Australia. 

University of Queensland toxicologist Christina Zdenek told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation that snake bites in Australia are rare, with only about two recorded each year. 

Zdenek explained that although the snakes can be deadly they're actually "super vulnerable." 

"It's literally been plucked out of its territory and been put into a whole new environment, it needs to survive and find food," she said. 

Additionally, retired snake catcher and biologist Greg Calvert told ABC that most snake bite cases are not accidents. 

"A very large number of snake bites are from people attempting to catch or kill a snake," Calvert said.

While it's unknown why Brookes tried to remove the snake - he was not a licensed snake handler, which the Australian government requires to remove venomous snakes from commercial or residential property - he's being hailed as a hero. 

'Realistically the brave man possibly saved children's lives by removing this eastern brown," said Mark Archie Archer, who lived in the same community as Brookes. 

According to reports, Workplace Health and Safety Queensland has opened an investigation into the incident.