You Won't Believe This Fish Caught on McDonald's Chicken Nuggets

I'm loving it, seems we aren't the only species that enjoy a good McNugget from McDonald's.

Tarpon put up some crazy fights and show off with some incredible aerial displays. Hence why so many anglers devote a ton of time to fishing for them.

But if you are willing to sacrifice one of your own chicken nuggets from a 20 piece meal from McDonald's, which is easier said than done, you could be catching some Tarpon yourself. Ok, not a bait of choice, but it seemed to do the trick for this dude.

Maybe it was that special sauce he put on it before tossing it into the water? Ranch, honey mustard, or BBQ... pick your poison.

Pretty cool video. It reminds me of my younger days fishing the pond behind my house or at my grandparents before I had a license or money to go buy bait. I would have to settle for rummaging the fridge and the garage and use whatever was available.

And you wouldn't believe some of the baits that were successful. Hot dogs, old cheese, bread, dog food, apples, mud, and a bare hook sometimes.

I even used a chicken nugget before, which reminds me, this video just made me hungry. McDonald's should be paying this guy for marketing.

Try watching that video without the jingle and "I'm Loving It" ringing in your head.

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