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Giant Gator Seeks Snack at Florida McDonald’s [VIDEO]

My Fox Orlando

Even an alligator can get a late-night craving for a Big Mac and fries.

Florida is known for gators wandering about, but it’s not often one moseys on up to a McDonald’s. But that’s exactly what happened April 13 in Cocoa, Florida when a nine-plus-foot reptile was found walking along the sidewalk in front of McDonald’s. Unfortunately for this Florida gator, police came in and took it out of action before it even had a chance to place its order.

Watch the video to see the full report on the alligator with the late-night munchies:

FOX 35 News Orlando

Poor guy!

Even a giant gator sometimes gets a craving for those two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, and cheese on a sesame seed bun!

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Giant Gator Seeks Snack at Florida McDonald’s [VIDEO]