See-Through Suppressor Shots in Extreme Slow Motion

These might be the first see-through suppressor shots ever recorded on video. 

Soteria Suppressors makes some impressive stuff. As you are about to see, a they've modified a heavy dose of their lineup with a clear acrylic shell so we can see exactly what happens you fire a bullet.

It's pretty incredible to see all the gas inside the suppressor expand, contrast and then eventually leave the barrel. 

When you fire a shot through a suppressor, it happens so fast that it's hard to imagine what's actually happening.

However, with the help of some super-slow motion camera work, these things take on a whole new life.

Super Slow Motion Silencer (110,000 fps)

Okay, is that what you thought took place inside a suppressor? Seeing it happen just baffles the mind.

The suppressor design work, coupled with the physics, is absolutely incredible. When Destin Sandlin, the host of the YouTube Channel "Smarter Every Day," mentioned how cool this video was going to be, I didn't actually believe it.

However, I have to admit, this was pretty awesome to see.

Before this video, besides the obvious, did you actually know how firearm suppressors work?

Now that you've gotten a little unique insight, all the high pressure gasses and shockwaves seem a bit easier to wrap your head around.