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You Can't Beat the Quality and Price of the Versacarry Gun Belt

I've been wearing the Versacarry gun belt for nearly a year now and it has performed admirably, for both holding my pistol and keeping my pants up!

One of the cardinal sins of concealed carry is carrying your sidearm on anything less than a quality gun belt.

Trust me, I know this all too well, because for years I carried my weapon on what I thought was a good belt, or at least a good-enough belt. But I was constantly adjusting my previous, wimpy leather belt and my handgun as they sagged down my hip.

I finally got sick and tired of messing with it, so I bit the bullet and purchased an honest-to-goodness, heavy-duty carry belt. I ordered a Versacarry Double Ply Leather Belt. I'm sure some of you guys and gals have seen the Versacarry ads on social media. I did, and they hooked me. I did a little research and judged the Versacarry to be a high-quality leather belt that comes at a great price.

gun belt

What I really liked about the deal, though, was that they packaged it with a Versacarry Commander Holster for $54-plus shipping with a discount coupon. The normal company retail price for this combination is around $98, but they always seem to have promotions and discount coupons going on. The belt by itself retails at just under $50.

I haven't given the holster a fair trial yet. I have a couple of other holsters that I use regularly and rely on, but I've worn this belt every day since I received it in the mail.


Versacarry's double-ply leather belt is 1.5 inches wide, and easily slides through the belt loops of every pair of pants I own. It's a thick leather belt that is sturdy and rigid enough to handle just about any handgun you might carry. It doesn't sag one iota, no matter what gun I carry.

They use heavy-duty water buffalo leather for the belt. They also use a tough nylon thread to stitch it together. Thus far, there's been no fraying of thread anywhere on the belt, but especially around the holster. It still looks clean and new.

Versacarry uses a simple, utilitarian belt buckle with a roller on the loop. But they also advertise that the buckle is removable by way of nickel-plated snaps. So if you want to customize your belt with a fancy elk antler buckle or a big flashy buckle of some sort, you're able to do that.

gun belt

Their website also indicates that the nickel plating is noncorrosive and won't irritate your skin. I don't know how much of a selling point that might be. I've never had a problem with my skin getting irritated from a belt buckle or snaps, but I suppose there are some folks out there for whom this might be important.

The belt is also American-made, which is a plus in my book. It comes in either brown or black. I chose brown.

In short, it's a plain, heavy duty belt that is attractive enough to also work as a dress belt (especially if you order it in black). It's a bull hide, full-grain leather gun belt that's rigid and sturdy as heck, yet is flexible enough to easily put on or take off. And, it comfortably holds my carry gun in place without slipping or moving once I have it where I want it.


Versacarry is pretty precise when it comes to properly fitting the belt size you order. They offer specific instructions to help you get a perfect fit. I measured myself three separate times, just to be certain. You don't go by your pants size either; you must measure your waist.

Use a flexible, cloth sewing tape measure or a piece of twine that you can measure afterwards. Simply measure your waist size with the soft tape measure where your belt would normally ride. This number will mark your belt's center hole.

gun belt

The belt comes with seven adjustment holes. The holes are 1 inch apart, with three on the inside and three on the outside of that center hole. This means that you have 3 inches on each side to play with in cinching up your belt. So, you can put on a few pounds or lose a few pounds and you'll still be fine.

I've lost a few pounds since I ordered my belt and have had to tighten it up a bit. Yes, I am just taking this opportunity to brag a little bit.

The gun belt market

I really don't know how or where this belt fits into the larger gun-belt picture, nor can I say definitively that this is the best gun belt on the market, since it's the first and only gun belt I own. I do know that I am very happy with it. I wanted a top-quality belt that was leather (I didn't want a nylon belt) and I wanted one at a good price. The Versacarry fit the bill.

gun belt

I paid just a few dollars more than the full retail price of the belt, which was still cheaper than many other belts I've seen advertised. Plus, I got a holster to go with it. I'll have to give the holster a tryout sometime soon. As far as I'm concerned the Versacarry qualifies as a great belt.

It's light years ahead of the last belt I had, which was always sagging and a regular pain in the butt. The real test is my awareness of my handgun. Before I purchased this belt, I was constantly aware that I had a gun on my hip. Now, I honestly forget I am even carrying, it's that comfortable and secure.


Versacarry also offers a limited lifetime warranty. If you have a Versacarry belt or any of their other products that are defective or broken, regardless of how old the item may be or the cause of the defect, they'll replace it inside of 72 hours. That's impressive.

Attractive, reliable, sturdy and rigid, yet flexible and inexpensive, the Versacarry double-ply gun belt gets a thumbs-up.

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