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Colorado Passes Bill to Allow Conceal Carry without Permit

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Colorado Republicans recently passed a state Senate bill that enables citizens to legally conceal carry without a permit.

Republicans Sen. Tim Neville and Rep. Kevin Van Winkle sponsored Senate Bill 97, which passed with 18 Republican votes. There were 16 Democrats and one Independent who voted against the measure.

“The idea behind constitutional carry is that you should be able to carry a concealed handgun without applying for government permission or paying an expensive fee, if you are otherwise legally able to carry a firearm,” Neville said.

Most of Colorado already allows a person to legally open carry a firearm, although it’s currently illegal to conceal carry in Colorado without a permit.

Infringements on the Second Amendment?

The process for applying for a conceal carry permit is lengthy and costly. And, according to many, it violates the Second Amendment. Local sheriff’s offices are currently in charge of issuing conceal carry permits.

Applicants must fill out several forms and prove they took a gun training class. A $152 permit fee is also required in a number of counties. Permits themselves cost $39.95. The sheriff’s department has the final say on the approval of the application.

The new bill would allow legal gun owners aged 21 and over to conceal carry in public without the permit, training class or sheriff’s approval.

However, the permit process would remain in place for those who wish to conceal carry in states that have reciprocity with Colorado. A home-state permit is required to legally conceal carry in multiple states.

Last year, Colorado processed 51,030 concealed carry permits, including 38,737 new applications.

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Colorado Passes Bill to Allow Conceal Carry without Permit