YouTube: YETI

Sam the Hunting Dog Gets One Last Retrieve Before Retiring

There's just something about a good hunting dog. 

When I was a kid, I had a good dog. His name was Buddy. He came with that name from the family who gave him up because he was more than they could handle. Almost immediately, we became best friends. There was just an unspoken connection that he and I shared where we just got each other. When I was old enough to drive, there weren't many places he didn't go with me.

Buddy wasn't a duck dog. He wasn't a tracker. He was just really good yellow lab that loved his family. That's the dog that left an imprint on me. I was there when they put him down, too. It was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do.

There's just an unspoken bond that humans and dogs share. When it comes to a hunting dog, though, the production team behind YETI really made a good video to show this special bond.

Just give it a watch and see what I mean.

This was a good clip, but I don't know how it ends because I stopped watching. I tried twice to finish it, but just left it at that.

When you have a good dog and you know it, it stays with you. After all the time and attention you put into them, you don't want to relive losing them.

Sam seemed like a really good hunting dog. That's the takeaway from this video that's important. Good stuff, YETI.

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