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You're Probably Not as Tough as These Marines Drinking Cobra Blood

There's a perfectly good explanation for why these Marines are drinking cobra blood, we swear.

Every year the U.S. Marines sends a team of soldiers to Cobra Gold, a joint jungle training program. Cobra Gold is attended by 26 nations and helps aid interoperability when the soldiers are working together responding to events like typhoons and tsunamis.

One of the highlights of each year's event is when members of the Thai military demonstrate ways to subdue a cobra. They also demonstrate ways to find food and water in the jungle.

Watch the video to see how good these guys are at handling these dangerous snakes and surviving off the land on their home turf.

After the training is completed, all the soldiers are given the option to participate in the Thai tradition of drinking cobra blood. Drinking cobra blood is one way to stay hydrated in the jungle. It is also filled with nutrients.

Here's some shots of those who took a sip.

cobra blood1 wos

cobra blood 2 wos

As if drinking cobra blood isn't crazy enough, the course also teaches the students the "correct" way to eat scorpions.

cobra blood3 wos

If you thought Halloween was spooky, maybe you should join the Marines and attend Cobra Gold. You might get a chance to drink some snake blood for yourself.

cobra blood4 wos

More snake blood anyone?

All images provided by Sgt. Matthew Troyer/Released, found here

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