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How to Tell If a Snake Is Venomous [VIDEO]

Venomous snake season is upon us.

Watch this video to learn if the snake you've seen is dangerous or not. It could save your life or the life of your loved ones.

As the video suggests, most snakes are not venomous and not a threat to human safety. Avoid handling wildlife unless absolutely necessary (excluding game you just killed). However, if dangerous snakes are encroaching on your personal space or that of your family, they need to be dealt with. The video lists some ways to tell whether or not a snake is venomous including:

  • Look at the head. Venomous snakes typically have a diamond or triangular shaped head, while non-venomous snakes' heads are more rounded.
  • If the snake's tail has a double row of scales, it is non-venomous. If the tail has a single row of scales, the snake is venomous.

If you find a suspicious snake skin or a venomous snake on your property, call your local DNR to learn the appropriate measures for dealing with the snake.

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How to Tell If a Snake Is Venomous [VIDEO]